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A new era in ski rental


Who said ski hire should consist of:

  • waiting at a freezing cold bus stop to get to the hire shop
  • standing in a long queue waiting half an hour or more before anyone even approaches you and then not understanding a word they say
  • feeling disappointed and a bit cheated when you're handed a scratched up pair of skis that aren’t really what you wanted and have obviously seen better days
  • being asked your size and handed a pair of boots as if you were at the local bowling alley
  • being told it's a busy week so your 5 year old can't have a helmet
  • hardly being able to ski at all because the boots you are given are actually 2 sizes bigger than your feet
  • asking to change your skis and being told that will cost 15 euros extra, or even worse just that they have no skis left so you can't change at all
  • being served by a spotty 18 year old who seems to know a lot less about skis and skiing than you do
  • Not at Snowberry!

    We've looked at all of this, and everything else, that's wrong with the way ski hire has "traditionally" been done and then looked at how it SHOULD be done. And that's what you will find at Snowberry.

    Elsewhere you pay the same price whether you're one of the lucky ones who gets one of the very few pairs of new skis or one of the unlucky ones who gets kit that's a long way past its sell by date. We don't think that's fair!

    We believe if you want new skis you should be able to book them and be guaranteed to get them, and if you are prepared to compromise on older skis you should get a cheaper price - so that's the way we do it.

    Likewise, with boots and bootfitting, we're horrified how little importance (none!) other shops place on getting it right. It's quite simple, if your boots are wrong you might as well forget it! With other shops, if you're lucky they just might measure the length of your feet but many don't even bother with that.

    At Snowberry we carry out a full eight point, four dimensional foot analysis, and that's before we use our expertise to select not just the right size but the right shape as well from our range of over 60 different boot models.

    On top of that there's our fantastic staff (almost 400 season's of experience between us), our two huge and superbly-located shops and all of our unique, innovative and exclusive "Snowberry Extras" designed to make your ski hire experience - and your whole holiday - as perfect as possible.

    Ski shops are NOT all the same.

    Snowberry is widely regarded as one of the best ski hire shops in the world and for good reason. At Snowberry we have always specialized JUST in rental and we're passionate about making the whole rental experience as great as it can be. Over the years we have taken the whole concept of ski hire back to the drawing board and re-designed it bit by bit.

    Boots & Bootfitting

    Equipment Age

    Choice of Equipment

    Of course our equipment is what it's really all about, and we certainly believe that it's our job and our responsibility to make sure you get the very best and most suitable equipment for your time on the slopes.

    Once again we've bought way more rental kit than any other shop in town - in fact probably more than most of them put together.

    We don't buy cheap rental versions. We don't put intermediate skis in our advanced categories to keep our costs down. We don't window dress with a few shiny, new skis which hardly anyone is ever going to get. And we don't buy second rate brands that no-one every heard of or chain store own brand models either.

    Nor do we mislead you by telling you our skis are "top quality", "recent", "high end" or whatever. And we certainly don't con you by showing you pictures of the latest models and hiding "or similar" in the small print only for you to find that the "similar" model you are give on arrival is nothing like the ski you hoped for in style, quality or age. Ok, it has a bendy bit at the front and a bit you stick your feet in the middle, but that's where the similarity ends!

    Rent from Snowberry and we give you the choice of this season's new skis, last season's ones or our two season old budget kit - STILL newer and in better condition than the stuff you will end up with from a lot of shops in town. YOU choose how old your skis are, and the price of course matches!

    Example - Movement Revo 86 Ti - but we have over 100 other models to choose from
    Example - Kastle FX 96 HP - but we have over 140 other models to choose from
    Example - Kastle FX 95 - but we have over 80 other models to choose from
    Example - Kastle FX 96 HP - but we have over 140 other models to choose from
    Example - Movement Revo 86 Ti - but we have over 100 other models to choose from
    Example - Salomon Rush SL - but we have over 140 other models to choose from
    Example - Kastle FX 95 - but we have over 80 other models to choose from
    Example - Movement Revo 86 Ti - but we have over 100 other models to choose from
    Example - Head iRace Team - but we have over 40 other models to choose from
    Example - Head iRace Team - but we have over 40 other models to choose from
    Example - Rossignol React R2
    Example - Salomon S / Force 7
    Example - Salomon S / Max 8
    Example - Blizzard Bonafide 97
    Example - Head Worldcup Rebels eSL
    Example - Salomon S Race Jnr
    Example - Nordica Combi Pro
    Example - Nitro Prime
    Example - Salomon Assasin
    Example - Nitro Ripper
    Example - Kastle FX 95 HP - but we have over 120 other models to choose from
    Example - Nordica Dobermann SLR RB FDT
    Example - Salomon S/Race Rush GS
    Example - Head Worldcup Rebels i.Race RP EVO14
    Example - Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 80 RB FDT
    Example - Kastle FX 96 HP
    Example - DPS Waller F106 C2
    Example - Head Framewall

    A Snowberry Article


    Every skier needs an orthotic

    It is safe to say that every single skier, beginner to expert, needs some sort of sports orthotic in their ski boot.

    The dynamic foot

    The human foot is an extremely complex structure. It's dynamic in character and constantly changes its shape, volume, height and length as you weight and unweight it - ie as you flex in a ski boot.

    So how on earth are you supposed to fit this foot – with no fixed shape or length - into the fixed confines of a hard plastic ski boot without it being at best uncomfortable and at worst excruciatingly painful?

    The easy answer is by fitting a boot that is far to big.

    The role of the orthotic

    By using an orthotic you can limit the dynamic behavior of the foot, and help maintain a more constant foot shape and size.

    Sounds simple but it works.

    Skier orthotics support and stabilise your feet inside your boots, limiting the dynamic behavior – shape, length, height, volume change – and allowing us to choose a shell shape and length that closely resembles that of your foot ie a shell that is not 2 sizes to big!

    The orthotic and shell selection

    Remember that every boot model has a slightly different shape so only certain models are suitable for certain feet.

    Only by using an orthotic can we fit you in the correct shape and size of boot.

    It is absolutely correct to say that you cannot fit select the correct boot shell and therefore fit a ski boot properly without first addressing foot instability issues.

    Other benefits - Improved comfort

    The orthotic also has many other benefits relating to comfort and ultimately performance.

    By supporting and stabilising the foot an orthotic will help to reduce foot movement in the boot which can cause rubbing and bruising. Blood flow is also improved resulting in warmer toes.

    Other benefits - Improved performance

    A supported foot has better contact with the boot and ski resulting in better feeling and control and it also improves body alignment - all of which lead to better performance.

    Problems that a skier orthotic can solve

    If you have hired ski boots elsewhere in the past you may very well have experienced at least some of the following problems, all of which can be improved by using an orthotic -

    PROBLEM your foot moves inside your boot

    PROBLEM you tend to over tighten the front clips of your boots

    PROBLEM you sometimes suffer from cramping under the foot

    PROBLEM your forefoot goes numb especially when skiing hard

    PROBLEM you suffer from cold feet

    PROBLEM you get rubbing on your inside ankle bone

    PROBLEM your foot continually aches and hurts

    PROBLEM you get bruising on your shin

    PROBLEM your toes hit the ends of your boots

    PROBLEM you find it hard to control your skis

    PROBLEM your ski tips wobble when you travel straight

    PROBLEM you find edging difficult

    PROBLEM you’re getting blisters

    PROBLEM you have a bunion

    A proper skier orthotic can transform both your comfort and your performance. No other shop in Val d'Isere or indeed the world fits their rental boots with orthotics


    Exclusive to Snowberry

    Example - Rossignol React R2